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 Shoveling, plowing and snow blowing driveways, sidewalks & parking lots.



 Serving the towns of Jackson, Wilson, Teton Village & the surrounding areas.


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We serve a critical need during Jackson’s grueling winter months. As the snow comes, you need to keep your driving conditions convenient, but most importantly safe. Our services are done in an efficient and timely manner. The quality of work is what sets us apart. We are a local business that is dedicated to YOU. Our crew works day in and day out to earn your trust and our goal is to make sure that we are a top-notch, quality company that you’ll want to refer to your friends. Our team has years of experience, not only in the business but in living through many winters. We know that many people are in need of a dependable, high-quality service that will be there when you need them. As a customer, you can always depend on us to do the job. The services we provide range from small residential areas to larger complexes. Whatever the need is, you can always depend on Evergreen Snow Removal to get the job done right.


A fair price for you is key for us at Evergreen Snow Removal, and we are committed to providing the best price for our first-rate work. We believe in long-term customers and providing quality work at a low cost. We are a local business that is loyal to our customers and we want the best for you.

Fast & reliable services! What else could you ask for?

Cyra M.


We offer services in Jackson as well as the neighboring towns around the greater Teton area.

Snow build-up can be a problem in all of Wyoming. Not only do we operate in Jackson, but we have clients in Wilson, Teton Village and in the greater Jackson region. Our flexibility makes it very convenient to have your snow plowed wherever you are in the area. Even if you are in a more secluded place, you don’t have to worry about your snow again. We have you completely covered.

Evergreen and their crew came out to take care of our driveway when no one else could! Thank you Salomon!

Lauren W.


Exceptional Flexibility.

We are very flexible when it comes to your snow plowing demand. A monthly contract is one of a few ways to set up our services. It is very convenient and efficient so you can continue with your daily endeavors without the worry of your life being frozen due to the snow. Just let us know how many inches of snow before we should plow, and have your space plowed worry-free. You can always call us when needing modifications to your custom monthly plan, knowing that we will get the job done.


Winter weather here in Wyoming means storms can hit anytime day or night. All the snow makes for a breathtaking winter. But in the months of heavy snowfall, you will need top-quality snow services to help you get through the season with as few interruptions to your daily routine as possible. Safety and reliability are what we highlight, and it is what distinguishes us from the rest. Dependability is very important during the winter months, especially when you are very busy. But if you chose Evergreen Snow Removal you can rest assured knowing that you are well taken care of based on our outstanding reputation and exceptionally hard work. Not having your snow plowed for even one day on a harsh winter morning will be very inconvenient and most of all, unsafe.

Top quality roof shoveling for a great price!

Michael R.


Safety and Convenience.

Your safety and convenience are of the utmost concern to us. Why wake up early in the morning to shovel your snow just so you can get to work. Instead, call us and watch your snow get plowed in an efficient and timely manner. There is no reason to leave your home in an unsafe condition, and with our unmatched convenience, choosing us is a must. Life is already exhausting enough. With all of your responsibilities and daily tasks, it is hard to give yourself the safest snow-clearing possible in the early morning hours. Waking up early to start your most important tasks or sleeping in after a long night can be pivotal to a successful day. No longer do you have to worry about how much snow is going to fall in the night. We will be able to take care of it before you even wake up!

Salomon and Maribel are great people with a great family business!

Robert D.


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We look forward to serving your need for high-quality snow removal. Feel free to call the number above in regard to any questions you may have or to receive a free estimate on your property. With the experience and dedication, we will ensure that you will get through the winter as conveniently and primarily as safely as can be.